AI-powered Image Analysis
in One Day

Getting quantitative answers from cells is crucial in research, drug discovery and biotech production. Here, we present a simple yet powerful workflow to develop AI-based image analysis methods using the VAIDR system.

In this example, we quantify treatment-dependent changes to nucleoli morphology of cells
imaged with the digital phase contrast mode (label-free) of the VAIDR microscope.

Paint a few pictures….
No coding skills are needed to create a VAIDR-method. The graphical labeling tool is used to teach VAIDR what kind of structures to detect. Here, cytoplasm, nucleus, nuclear membrane, and nucleoli are labeled. The training is iterative: After training on the first labeled image, VAIDR pre-labels new images. The user makes corrections and re-starts the training.





…and analyze thousands.
Once the method performs well, it is applied to all images. Handling, selecting, and annotating data is greatly facilitated by VAIDR's built-in lab-book. Once all images have been scored, the analysis module is used to plot the results. The plot axes can be freely  configured. Statistics are calculated automatically.




Fast track to insights.
The quantitative analysis reveals that while the treatment is not killing cells, it does alter their morphology significantly. For example, nucleoli become fewer, rounder, and larger. Their share of the total cell area drops.

This example has a medium complexity on the spectrum of VAIDR-applications. From simple confluency to multi-parameter phenotypic profiling, VAIDR can be used to solve a huge number of analysis tasks. Images with any number of channels can be used.

"Years of work in the field of automated image analysis inspired us to design VAIDR. Here are the main benefits:

  • Makes powerful AI accessible directly to biologists.
  • Expert knowledge is turned into scalable, objective methods.
  • Images and metadata are kept in a tidy, searchable database.
  • Seamless workflow from image acquisition to the final plot.
  • Reduced risk due to the option to lease.
  • User's IT infrastructure is not needed."

Bruno Chilian, CSO at TRI

Ready for your application

The VAIDR system is modular:

  • Cloud-based software, with flexible import
  • Fully integrated VAIDR microscope with the cloud software
  • VAIDR microscope connected to a VAIDR server on the user's premises.

More powerful & cost-effective than traditional workflows.

software + hardwareGeneric automated imager, Manufacturer's analysis package, 0.3 FTE analysis specialist VAIDR imager, VAIDR server + software + TRI support 40 - 60%
software onlyImage analysis software, 0.3 FTE analysis specialist  VAIDR software + TRI support60 - 80%


"When taking the cost of the entire workflow into account, VAIDR offers considerable
potential for saving, both in time and effort."

–Thomas Frahm, Head of Business Development at TRI